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When did you transition your child form the crib to a bed?”

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  • I typically did when they wanted to sleep with their siblings OR, as was the case with my middle child, she started sleeping perpendicular to us. That's highly uncomfortable in a queen size bed!

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  • My first moved into a bed at 16 months when his baby brother arrived and needed his crib. I was all stressed out, thinking he`d be up all night. Nope. He crashed and slept right through the night . . . something he didn`t even do in the crib! My second is now 16 months and we`re thinking about moving him into a bed soon since he`s getting restless in the crib and wants to sleep with his bubba.

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  • I transitioned both of my daughters when they started climbing out of the crib. They were around two years old. Initially, I put their futons on the floor because I figured that would be the easiest and safest way for them to start getting used to a bed. If they rolled out of the futon they would land on the carpet - not too much distance to fall from. It worked.
    They transitioned into their own beds by the time they were three.

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  • I moved both my son when he was about 26 months. We moved him because we realized he was able to get out of the crib and my coworker had told me her daughter broke her shoulderblade getting out of her crib. I was afraid he would do the same.
    I moved her elder sister when she was about 2 1/2 right when she was potty trained. My next step was to have her go to the potty in the night so she needed to be able to get out of bed...wishful thinking. She is now 3 1/2 and still wears a diaper at night.

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  • Wow! Potty training at 14 months!

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  • When she was about 14 months, she's now 2. We switched because she was potty training and needed to be able to get up and go. We switched to a toddler bed at first, but it's too squeaky and hard from the plastic covering on crib mattresses so we put a twin bed without a frame in for her so she can get on and off easily to go potty in the middle of the night.

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