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Did you watch the VP debate? Who do you think won and why?”

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  • I felt Palin won. Biden didn't answer all the questions either, and many of the "good points" he appeared to make were lies, as I knew while watching but was proven by fact-checking by journalists within an hour after the debate.

    I think Palin must have watched the Reagan debates / speeches as part of her prep. It may not go over well with some, but it does with many.

    As for the "touching" moment when Biden fought back emotion - if Palin (or any woman) had had such a moment people would crucify her for it. Double standards reign.

    Palin had very little time to prepare herself to speak to the American public on any of these matters. Biden has been running for President for decades, so this is old hat for him. Considering this, as many viewers did, Palin showed herself to be very intelligent and good at focusing on what's important. On the other hand, considering all I keep hearing about how wonderful Biden's foreign policy experience is, I was very unimpressed by the lack of substance in his answers. He should have blown her away, but he hardly scored any actual points in that area, when you remove the blatantly false statements that he made.

    Overall, I think Biden did fine, but Palin reached her audience more effectively. If points were subtracted for substantive lies, Biden's score would have been much lower.

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  • I have to admit that Palin did do better this time around. However, refusal to answer a question asked by the noderator is not her choice. This is a debate. Both candidates answer the same questions, regardless. This is the 2nd in line position and if you can't follow the simple rules of debate, you have no business being there. I also agree with others re: her cutsy attitude. IMHO, it makes her come across as redneck trailertrash, not a person who will be representing the President and this country in a diplomatic capacity. While the redneck attitude may play well in Alaska, it does NOT play well on an international stage, nor as a representative of the other 49 states of this country. Ideology aside, there are other women out there with BETTER creditentials than she has. Tho I'm glad she didn't embarass herself, and our gender, like she did with the Couric interview, I'm still embarassed that McCain couldn't come up with a woman who was far better qualified than this.

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  • Biden won. I was so impressed. Palin did better than I though she would, and I am glad for her. Even though I don't agree with her ideas for this country, and think that she is grossly underqualified, I still didn't want her to look as bad as she did with Couric .... whether I like it or not, she is a female and represents her gender during these televised interviews and debates and so I don't want her to embarrass herself or the rest of us.

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  • IMO - BIDEN BIDEN BIDEN. Agree on all points made by tkd_mama and mama said it well.
    The "you betcha's" the winking, and her constant fluff was a bit much. Biden spoke well and his 30 years showed.

    Some say he didn't touch the hearts of Americans like Palin did but he did touch mine. I was so happy for him when he gave it back to her about being a single dad at the time of his family tragedy and what it was like to be a single dad.

    I think all in all Palin did a decent job and she should be proud of herself but it was definitely a clear win in my opinion.

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  • I thought it was an interesting debate. IMO, Sen. Biden won. I compare this to a job interview, those times when we are posed a difficult question and we try to answer it as best we can, even though we know our qualifications make us fall short. We have a tendency to repeat ourselves, we tend to try and add fluff to the answer, perhaps add a little charm to our delivery. But the bottom line is: the experience is not there. And I think that was the case with Gov. Palin. The frequent dropping of buzzwords like "maverick" and "hockey mom" and the me, that doesn't give me confidence that this is someone who can be in the second highest executive position in the country. Another example: she made repeated promises to "get rid of corruption," but really didn't say how. In fact, in another one of her statements, she said "Patriotic is saying, government, you know, you're not always the solution. In fact, too often you're the problem so, government, lessen the tax burden and on our families and get out of the way and let the private sector and our families grow and thrive and prosper." That was kind of worded simplistically, which in my view points to that feeling that she's not the right person for this highly important job. Another statement: "[In Alaska,] I had to take on those oil companies and tell them, 'No,' you know, any of the greed there that has been kind of instrumental, I guess, in their mode of operation, that wasn't going to happen in my state." She claimed that she's going to excel in issues of energy policy, but those kinds of statements don't convince me. I thought Biden made better arguments on plans of action and communicated more effectively and eloquently. - Paula.

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  • I think the debate was fairly tame and both of the candidates did OK. I think Biden won on substance and Palin was more charismatic…. She did pretty good job at avoiding issues/questions that she couldn’t answer – it was a far cry from her Katie Couric interview! I thought it was interesting that Biden chose to focus and attack McCain and not Palin. But I do hate that “Joe six pack” language she uses…. I don’t know why but it really bothers me!

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