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Is anyone still undecided about the presidential election? I hear so much about undecided voters, but have yet to meet any. Are you an undecided voter? How do you think you'll make your decision?”

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  • I don't know of any "undecided" voters either.
    Shana- you wrote 'constantly aware that some people would not see me as a "real" mother' and it brought tears to my eyes. You *are* a real mother! I am sorry you had/have to deal with that crap!

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  • Shana, you are right, this is one of the many reasons that we have to keep McCain out of office. It seems that the Republican party continues to try to strip away rights that people have fought so hard for. I am also terrified to see what else will be stripped away if they win. It seems like the only right they actually want to protect is the right to bear arms and that's the most dangerous!

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  • Hello out there! In response to the question posed, I respond with great concern that McCain and Palin will be voted in. I am a woman who identifies as gay, am married to an incredible woman and we have two beautiful boys. McCain and Palin both oppose gay marriage and adoption by GLBT parents. This chills me to the core. In Massachusetts we have this bubble of security as one of the only states with legal marriage and the ability to co adopt. My partner and I happily agreed that for a number of reasons we would use an anonymous donor and she would carry and birth both of children. We went through a legal adoption for both kids to ensure my rights as a mother and both of our names are on the birth certificate. Even though I thought it absurd and maddening that I had to adopt my own children, I knew that this was so much farther that most states in the USA have achieved in terms of rights. As a new parent I was constantly aware that some people would not see me as a "real" mother. The emotion and rage that thought brought has subsided much as our boys grow but always looms somewhere. We have chosen to live in a town that has oodles of two mommy and two daddy families. The schools we trust our children to fully embrace and celebrate our family. I know that the world is not like this. To any one reading this please consider civil rights for all on election day.
    Shana Hiranandani, LMHC
    Personal Life Coach

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  • Okay, I'm definitely not undecided, but I agree: we hear all the time about the undecideds... who are these people?!

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