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Additional details to my previous question about home based job ideas, I have thought about an errand business but do not have funds needed for advertising. Some of my interests are: I LOVE kids, and sports. I am really frustrated because I have been trying find a way to work from home for about a year now and seem to be getting no where. Any ideas????”

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  • I can definately make a great suggestion here. I have been working from home with a health and wellness company for a while now and love it! If you would like I can sign you up to watch a webcast that explains all the details, just send me and e-mail, also you check out my site

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  • Since you love kids and sports. Start a Sports Daycare!
    or an Exercise / Energy Daycare.
    Focus on sports, activity, ( learning also) but really about gymnastics etc.
    You can do a tumblebugs type thing in your home,
    Also, you will need to NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK, go to events, moms groups, promote promote promote. Not my email.
    you need to sell yourself before you sell services.
    IF that is to big of a nut.
    Maybe you can be a photographer., or party planner?
    you can plan kids parties.
    depends on how much income you need/want.
    30k? or 100k a year?

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  • Get 15 copies made your name number and what you will do pick up laundry, shop for people and watch your mileage. And take them to the senior centers, churches and such. Be very careful if they have you pick up perscriptions............I wouldn't want you to get into a situation of something was missing and you know how people are.

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