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My daughter needs a cavity filled and she wont wear the laughing gas mask! We've had two appointments with no success. The dentist suggested sedating her completely, but she's only 4 and I'm not too keen on doing that. I'm willing to try a third time, but I'm not sure how to get her to cooperate. I've tried bribes (i'll buy you any toy you want!) and even scare tactics (your teeth will get worse!) with no success. Have any of you had the same problem? How did you get your child to wear it?!? Thanks in advance for your help!”

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  • Thanks everyone! I've just scheduled one more try with the mask. I wont push her, and if she doesn't cooperate I'll schedule sedation. It's just so stressful!

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  • My daugther had to be put to sleep when she was 4 years old for oral surgery and again when she was 6 to repair a broken arm. Both times she did well. I would choose the option that creates the least amount of stress.

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  • Evansmom, they did that to me when I was about 6. I had a really bad fear of going to the dentist and didn't go back until I was about 18. Even then, I was terrified to go so I got a brand new dentist and told them what happened to me before hand so they made sure to be extra nice.

    If it's not a permanent tooth, I wouldn't even worry about it. You may want to find a new dentist just for this procedure so she's not already scared to go back to that same place. Sometimes a new office, maybe a more kid-friendly one, makes things easier.

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  • I don't have advice but just wanted to tell you that a friend had the same issue and ended up letting them put her daughter to sleep. it was the only way they could work on her teeth and everything did turn out fine.

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  • Thanks for your advice! For the record, she brushes in the morning and at night (in front of us so we know she does), but apparently has very deep grooves in her teeth (according to the dentist) so this was inevitable. So frustrating!

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  • Let them put her to sleep- my one daughter when she was 2-3 yrs old- they put her to sleep and she was fine. She is not 25 yrs. old. It will probably be your best option. And then try to get her in a habit of taking good care of her teeth. Sometimes if you don't make a big deal out of something they don't either. They can feel how you feel alot of the times. so relax and it will be good.

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  • I am sorry I don't have any advice, but I did want to say one thing. Whatever you do, don't let them strap her down to the chair. I don't know if they still do that these days, but when I was about 4 or 5 they strapped me down to the chair for dental work and I still have anxiety about it today when I go to the dentist. Wierd I know, but it left a lasting impression.

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