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Gas prices are down again. Have you returned to your old driving habits? Or have you permanently changed your commuting pattern?”

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  • We've driven the same all along. My car (Subaru Outback H6) runs best on Premium, so we adjust everything else around the cost of gas. My husband is in school and driving less anyways so we feel it evens out in the end. We do consider the cost of gas on long trips but try to eat out less or just spend less on non-necessities.

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  • I'm keeping some of the new habits - not driving as much; combining errands, etc. But I am back to driving to work. Gas is

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  • I'm keeping my new habits, also. Combining my errands keeps me organized and saves time as well as gas money.

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  • I don't have a choice, I have a 40 mile commute (one way!) every day no matter what gas prices are doing!
    I try to drive as little as possible anyway because by the end of the day I am so tired of driving.

    I am blessed to live within walking distance of quite a lot.

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  • No- I'm going to keep to my new habits. Except today-hubby locked his keys in his car at work-so had an hour of driving time added to my day today. Note: make spare key for his door and put it his wallet. Ha-ha
    Will save me from another long drive. I try to run errands at the same time-depending on where I'm going.
    Gotta save for tomorrow- today. Right.

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