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What's your favorite TV guilty pleasure?”

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  • Jeopardy! I'm an intelligent and well-educated professional, but these contestants put me to shame. They are amazing.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Daisy on 7th March 2009

  • Apprentice

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by on 7th March 2009

  • America's Next Top Model!! and True Blood

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Pam on 19th November 2008

  • sssh - Gossip Girl(for the younger crowd but love it) Lipstick Jungle, Top Chef, Project Runway, 30 Rock.
    I can't deal with crime shows or anything gory. I can't even watch ER.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by on 16th November 2008

  • OK- My name is Earl....I still love the show and it's the only one I watch every week. Makes me laugh every time. :)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by eileen b on 15th November 2008

  • I don't have too much time for TV but my son and I watch "House". There is a newer show on after called "Fringe" that he likes and if I have time can get sucked into that one too.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Rick Fingerman CFP, CDFA on 15th November 2008

  • Oh, mine is Dirty, Sexy, Money... we've been known to DVR 2 or 3 and watch them back-to-back! I love the over-the-top uber-rich family and how they have no clue about how the rest of us live... total escape TV!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by patsyk on 14th November 2008

  • I love crime shows and all of those CSI and CIA shows. Without a Trace, Numbers, CSI, Criminal Minds. It's my best stress relief.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 14th November 2008

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