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If you have a cleaning person or service, how much do you spend per month? Are you cutting back in this economy?”

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  • We spend $70 every four weeks, and it's worth every penny. I would have to lose my job before I'd cut out the cleaning service. I will cut other expenses first.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Daisy on 24th November 2008

  • $93 per week, and I am not cutting back. That is one of the luxuries I afford myself for working all these hours!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Evansmom on 20th November 2008

  • $55 every other week and we're keeping it. I can't imagine cutting her out when the economy is tight, this is her job. If it gets too tight we'll work something out. It was the one thing I demanded when I went back to working full time.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 20th November 2008

  • We had a service that came every other Friday up until August. I paid $65 per visit, and they did the best job. Letting them go was the hardest thing I had to do when I quit working full-time!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by alanaransley on 19th November 2008

  • $99 per service every other Friday. No cutting back here!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Uhura on 19th November 2008

  • We can't afford a regular cleaning service, but I did pay to have someone come deep-clean the place a few weeks after the baby was born. That was the best $100 I ever spent. It's too bad the economy is the way it is right now because I sure could use the help on a continual basis, but we just can't afford it.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mollyjay on 19th November 2008

  • We have a cleaning person - but, we cut back to once a month well over a year ago. By doing this, we aren't considered a "regular" anymore and they come when it works out to be convenient for them each month. I've passed on a lot of new clients to her so I don't think she minds (as much) that we cut back to only once since her newer clients are all 2 times a month.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by patsyk on 18th November 2008