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What are the first things you cut out from your budget in poor economy?”

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  • Haircoloring at salon.
    Instead of $65 I have been doing it myself out of a box.
    Quality of dinners out.
    We still go out, but not to the top places.
    Staying mid level for a while.
    ( still need a night out though)


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  • honestly, we aren't cutting anything because we keep our living expenses to a minimum even when things are great and gas is cheap. We have made small and deliberate upgrades in our life over the past seven years that we've been married. Neither of us had anything when we started out, so we know how to live on next to nothing. We have days when we fantasize about trips to the beach and a bigger home and nicer clothes, but sometimes just knowing that maybe one day those things will happen is enough to get us through right now.

    Coming from a really stressful household growing up, I focus on reducing drama and stress even if it means less stuff. For better or worse!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Renee on 23rd November 2008

  • The first things we cut down on was the extra's on the phone and went down to just basic cable-that's as little as you can have-next is to turn it completely off. Thinking about taking the extras off the phone again- instead of paying $ 30.00 a month for a house phone. Pay less that $10.00 month for my cell- so that's good. Trying to only buy things for my youngest..she shouldn't have to give up everything. Still don't drive alot- even though gas prices went down (I filled up my car for $17.00- Wow) And the less trips you make to the grocery store the less you spend.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by eileen b on 21st November 2008

  • Dinners out. We've also decreased out driving and I am no longer treating shopping as a form of entertainment. We could have spent HOURS in the record or book stores before.

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