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How was your Thanksgiving?”

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  • Perfect I got to bring my little one home that day!!! best dinner ever!

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  • I am so proud of myself this Thanksgiving. I get my family together, including parents and siblings from my and hubbys' side, kids included of course. Total there are 21 of us. One of my brothers couldn't make it so it was only 17 people at my house.
    This was our 8th consecutive gathering. This was the the year I finally mastered making a juicy turkey, where the white meat tasted as good as the dark meet. Lovely. The pickiest eaters loved it. I was so proud of myself. The recipe was a combination of tips gathered from Food TV, from the ladies at my salon, and mother in law. I got calls from my family asking for my recipe. It felt good.

    Do you you want my turkey recipe? E-mail me. :)

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  • Great fun - family came here. Then we found out there was plastic baked into the bottom of the pumpkin pies. My mother-in-law always bakes the pies but this year had borrowed pie tins which for some reason were lined with see-through plastic liners. I was the first one to notice - then had to do a delicate dance with my father-in-law as he insisted they were fine, if we only scraped the plastic off ...

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  • We drove to NYC and back, from Boston, in one day and with a four year-old who gets car sick (Dramamine helped!). In between I was with my husband's family, all 54 of them. I need serious detox. (Including not eating for a few days:)

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