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This question is for all those moms with a home-based business. I'm putting together a package to help moms start a home-based business who want to know what to do with their children while they work. Do you use any kind of childcare when you work from home? If your children stay home with you most of the time, what do you do to entertain them while you are working? What idea works the best for you?”

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  • I don't use daycare with my kids, ages 4 and 2, but they go to preschool. My daughter goes Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays from 9-11:30 am and my son goes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-11:30am. It gives me a small break to get some things accomplished. But, on the days that they are home all day- nothing much (work) gets done.

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  • I have daycare one day a week and try to schedule all client meetings and calls on that day. Otherwise, I have a few sitters I call upon strategically to help out while I'm on a conference call or a random meeting. My husband works from home two days so I try do do a lot of work on those evenings or schedule evening meetings when I can on those days (usually networking meetings!). Keeping her quient is tough, so I don't usually answer the phone while she's playing. Sometimes if I absolutely have to take the call I'll tell them I'm home with my sick daughter ;-)
    My daugther is 1, so not old enough to do much on her own. On one hand, I can't put her in front of the TV, but on the other hand, she'll play with a lot of things on her own while I work on the computer. So partitioning off safe zones where I know I don't have to pay too much attention to her has been extremely helpful. However, it's tough, and I rarely get more than 30 minutes of work done at a time. I have my breakdowns (i.e. today, after she didn't sleep last night, I got no work done!).

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  • i usually let them hang out while im earning money working from home.... lol there crazy...

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  • Genesis, playdough is a great idea! That reminds me that I have a great playdough recipe for homemade playdough. Cheap and easy. The kids love to make it and play with it when it is warm. If anyone wants the recipe, send me a note, and I'll look it up.

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  • I don`t use formal childcare, but my husband is home most days so he looks after our boys if I am working during the day. My in-laws occasionally take the children, as well, when I`m up against a deadline.

    For the most part my boys play outside, but I also give them puzzles, playdough or just let them sit beside me and draw or color while I type. And, of course, movies are also a good way to keep them busy. However, my kids are 19 months and almost 3, so they still need a LOT of attention.

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