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What's the one gift you really want for the holidays?”

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  • We are low on money this season, but we are drowning in stuff from past years and seasons. So I know it sounds trite, but I would like continued health for my family!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Joan on 12th December 2008

  • The tangible - a new iPod (which I have guaranteed to get because I bought hubby a new one so I'll get his old one which is better than mine)

    The untangible - my preemie daughter home. She's in the hospital & we don't think she'll be out until around the 1st. Hoping for a Christmas miracle!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Shannon B. on 12th December 2008

  • That my 4 year old son truly understands what Christmas is about. If not, that he has a lot of fun. That my newborn son continues to be healthy. Finally that my husband and I find some time to grow our marriage.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by with Moms on 10th December 2008

  • To see all of my children, 3 are adults on their own, living in abundance and not lack, making wise choices for their lives an in a position to bless others.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Eileen Brigantino on 10th December 2008

  • A day of silence in bed by myself...well actually NO EVEN bigger if this is a dream... A card with a coupon that said "A day for yourself".
    A night in a hotel in Manhattan all by myself. I would first go shopping ALL DAY...taking my time. Go back to the hotel, have a spa treatment(thinking Mandarin Oriental) go back to the room shower up, have husband meet me for dinner with friends then back to hotel.

    My DH already bought and gave me my present. The iPhone. I love it.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by on 9th December 2008

  • Capoeira membership for a year, but that will be for later. This Christmas my gift is an unexpected flight for myself and my son to see my parents and my friends in Toronto.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Maria O on 8th December 2008

  • I have already received it. I just wanted to be home for Christmas. For 20 years, my husband and I have alternated spending Christmas day with our families. This year, I'm going to wake up in my own bed. I am so looking forward to that.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by marathonmom on 8th December 2008

  • I would love a day at the spa or a day retreat!!!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mexy on 8th December 2008

  • It's weird for me anymore. I often find myself wanting things for my daughter and nothing for me. I have no idea what to even suggest someone to get for me other than gift cards so I can spend them on my daughter haha. I like shoes, but I'm too picky about my shoes. I'd have to try them on and everything.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by on 6th December 2008

  • We're only doing a few small gifts for each other this year and I know I will help my husband save hours of stress if I told him what it is that I really wanted. So I'm thinking about it -- and curious what it is for you guys.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 6th December 2008