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Mornings are awful, my 3 year old screams and cries and throws tantrums while we try and get her dressed and out the door to daycare. Any tips on how to get kids out the door faster? She already willingly goes to bed at 8pm and is a fantastic sleeper. She sleeps until 8am on weekends, but we need her out the door by 7:15 on weekdays.”

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  • i agree with the two previous responses in terms of getting them dressed before they leave. i have two -- a 3 1/2-year-old and 11-month old. our mornings have a flow: up, brush teeth, change clothes, down the stairs, eat breakfast, free play...that way, i don't have to interrupt playtime to get them dressed, etc. it's just a natural progression down the stairs where our day gets started.

    i will add one point, though...three is an incredibly difficult age. "terrible twos" is a misnomer. it's the threes that'll get ya! they challenge everything! good luck!

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  • I can attest to the dress before leaving the room - Mine is a little younger but we are out the door in 15 minnutes (breakfast at daycare). We change diaper, put on clothes, put on shoes. Walk to the bathroom brush teeth (I do hair while this is going on) wash face. To the living room for 5 minutes of blues clues (while I feed animals). She turns off tv and I get coat and cup of milk, and she brings her bag to the garage and into the car seat and we are off.

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  • Try getting her to bed by 7:00 pm. She may need more sleep. Do you dress her as soon as she awakes even b4 breakfast, before she leaves her room? I started doing this with my son and it makes for nice morning(most days). The less rushing and anxiety they feel the better.

    Mornings are hard. Good luck. 7:15 is pretty early so it's pretty hard.

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