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Are you baking for the holidays? What sorts of treats are you making? And how much of your precious time is it taking up?”

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  • I am not baking or writing Christmas cards. I don't have the time or the energy. I usually just throw half the cards away anyway, and as for the baking. I usually end up eating half the cookies intended for other people. Why make the mess. Usually a nice box of chocolates is just as nice for gifts. If I do make anything its just for our family.

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  • I've made about 3-4 cookies so far... still need to make peppermint bark for gifts as well. Cookies have been snickerdoodles, peanut butter surprises, cinnamin chocolate chip cookies and jam thumbprints. I may attempt a cut out cookie, but I don't hold much hope for those as my decorating skills are a bit challenged. ;)

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  • I bake Nestle Toll house cookies, other cookies and do chocolate covered pretzles.
    Takes about 4 hrs total

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  • I will most likely make a few batches of cake balls a la Pioneer Woman and Bakerella. This will probably be late night cooking, and I will not let it take up too much time. The Christmas presents that aren't all purchased yet are the priority!

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  • When I was growing up, my brother and I spent and entire weekend with my grandma helping her makes TONS of chrismas cookies. The normally strict and frugal woman (she made her own soap) let us have a run of her kitchen and eat dough and cookies until we puked. Just for that one weekend. I've done the same with my kids. Somewhere between the dance classes, recitals, band concerts, late night conference calls, parties, travel and - oh yeah - a relationship, we find time to bake. We'll spend at least 40 hours planning, shopping, baking, & packaging. My hips have become less forgiving, but the family begs for some simple goodies every year.

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