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SAHM's - Do you plan on returning or starting work when your last child goes off to Elementary School? Full time? Part time? Is your husband supportive?”

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  • oh and I forgot to say that my hubby is very supportive. He wants me to be as fulfilled as him:).

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  • I work part time from home now, and when our last kiddo goes off to school, hopefully I'll either have built up enough freelance work to continue with that, or I'm going to look for something else that I lurve!!!

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  • I retired from owning my own business for 20yrs. last August, to actually be the one raising my 3 children. That was a big change for me, but I wouldn't have it any other way at this point. My youngest just started full-day school this fall and I have all day to spend on my new business, Mona Vie. I love it, Mona Vie allows me to still be a "professional" and have a family too! I work it at my leisure (approx. 15 hours a week) and I do quite well fnancially. So to answer your question, no will not be going back to work when my youngest starts school. Contact me if you have any interests in hearing more about the Mona Vie opportunity. This is "my work" now. My husband is extremely supportive. Afterall, he was my "sounding board" when had a stressful day in my other business and trust me that was 6 out 7 days per week!

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  • I'll be going back to work in January. My kids will be 15 months and 3 months old! The original plan was that I'd stay home till they were old enough for preschool, but I find myself going crazy without adult interaction and intellectual stimulation. I'll work for a year, and then we'll move so I can pursue my PsyD. My husband is very, very supportive which makes it so nice! :)

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