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How do you tell the difference between true OCD and regular toddler/preschool 'isms?”

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  • i am not sure, rosana, but currently hauling my third kid through toddlerhood, i have accepted that anything goes. these kids act erratically and irrationally. it does clear up though. my boundary of 'normalcy' would be around health and safety. my daughter started showing OCD symptoms at 2, when she tried everything not to have a bowel movement. we didn't even have a chance to potty train her, she was already deathly afraid of doing it in her diaper! then she showed other behaviors that concerned us. we kept our cool, baked a lot of fibrous cakes and cookies and after a year of struggling, she overcame all her fears. i think OC behavior is pretty age appropriate in a toddler/preschooler who is asserting herself in the physical world away from mom/dad. as long as certain things are controllable, the unexpected is easier to handle. if they don't move through it, or if there's some danger element, i would connect with a pro.
    good luck in the trenches:)

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