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my two year old is outraged and doesn't know how to mind. She wants to climb and get into things just to get in trouble. I've tried everything i can to discipline her and i give her as much attention as i do my other two children. Is there something i can do?”

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  • I think this is normal. It's all my 16 month old does. I don't think that she's trying to get into trouble she's just curious and has loads of energy. It sounds like she needs ot go to a playground or have something to climb on in the house if its too cold. Play some really active games with her as well. Having kids run back and forth or play hide and seek or something. As marathonmom said, you have to find some safe alternatives because I don't think that the climbing is going to stop.

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  • Offer up some safe alternatives. With three children, I'm sure you know all children are different and sometimes they need to be parented differently.

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  • She needs to blow off some steam. Try to arrange her day so she gets lots of exercise and time outside (if the weather permits). I have two 2-year-olds and live in by the Great Lakes. I bought a small tramploline for my basement for days when it's too bad to play much outside. I also have various other things in the house they can use to work their large muscles. They are enrolled in a gymnastics class and practice the stuff at home. They also enjoy dancing to and playing music and doing artwork. Even though these latter two sound like quiet activities, they really utilize the brain so they are as stimulating as physical ones - but the kids still need to move around for much of the day. Throughout the day, I introduce different activities in different parts of the house / outdoors to keep things from getting stale. I try very hard to take a long walk with them at least once a day, bundled up in several layers, but there are days when it's not possible, so we go downstairs and turn on the dance music and jump and dance and tumble and go a little crazy. I also feed them organic food and watch the sugar. No constant snacking and no drinks other than water and milk. And I am a pretty strict and consistent disciplinarian. When the girls act up, they lose a real privilege or the toy they are fighting over or whatever. I will also warn and punish if it is important enough. But I don't stop them from climbing; rather, I set parameters, such as you don't EVER stand on a chair or climb on a table unless an adult tells you to.

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  • Just relax and protect as much as you can. My 6yr old daughter was the same way. At 11 months she climbed her dresser and of course, it fell on her. Cut her eye and a few bruises, had to make 3 trips to the hospital that day. She kept pulling off the "butterflies" keeping the wound closed! Finally, they actually glued it! This stage will go by fast, but the challenges will only get bigger with age. I attribute this to older siblings and independent mothers! Believe or not, they learn as they watch us "juggle" our daily tasks. I know it's tough, but trust me, my 6yr old can definetly stand her ground when it comes to her old brothers (10 & 14). She's a quick learner and takes "no crap" from anyone! She is mannerly and very strong willed. She is most definetly a leader. I have my days, I don't know to laugh or cry when she throws her quick "come backs" at me. Then I realize, once I replay it in my head, she reminds me of someone I know very well...... and she'll do just fine.

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  • I have 4 children but the youngest is 16 yrs. And I help watch my one Grandson who is 19 months old and he does try to climb everything and now has started to turn off lights, etc. Most of the time I'm just telling him no- or taking him away from whatever he is trying to touch and shouldn't. But sometimes I tickle him just alittle to distract him and get him started on something else. But he is busy...busy..busy. I will put on a kids show if he gets on a roll and won't leave anything alone...he has certain shows he really likes. And keeps him occupied for alittle while. It's a age where they just start to test their parents to see just how far they can get...the terrible 2's.

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