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OK, working moms. Blackberry or iPhone? And why one instead of the other?”

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  • Iphone. Can't leave without it.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Philippa on 30th November 2010

  • Blackberry. I am not a fan of AT&T, even though they have some of the best handsets available.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Yvonne on 23rd April 2009

  • Blackberry. Only because my husband and I despise AT&T. We have a good thing going with Verizon and don't want to ruin that.

    We had an iPhone for a 30 day trial period and mostly loved it. It already has Microsoft Exchange set up on it, so I could get my work emails without any crazy set-up involved on my end. I just typed in my email address and password and it worked. I loved the functionality of the iPhone a heck of a lot better than the Blackberry, but I just can't use AT&T. If Apple decides to open up to other cell phone providers someday, I will purchase another iPhone.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by on 24th January 2009

  • I got the iPhone and I truly love it. My reasoning is that that I could not even see the small buttons of the Blackberry...

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by on 21st January 2009

  • How interesting! I'm facing the very same question as it is time to replace my work cell phone. They pay either way, so I have a choice. I've never had email on my phone, so I don't know if that is really such a big deal for me. The calendaring point is important--we use Outlook/Entourage for work but iCal for home. I need to access both! Any votes for the iPhone??

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by spacegeek on 21st January 2009

  • Well this should be funny. I have a Blackberry, but I only use it for talking on the phone and keeping appointments. Sometimes I will take a quick picture of my kids. I got it because I thought it was cute to hold, but I personally think a phone should be just that a PHONE.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by G on 21st January 2009

  • Blackberry! Nothing else will do.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Paige Taylor on 21st January 2009

  • Blackberry all the way. The iPhone is really cool, but has trouble synching to Outlook 2007 and I LIVE by my calendar. There are very cool features on the iPhone, but the Blackberry has more practical apps--even though it's not as flashy.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Stacey on 21st January 2009

  • For a serious email load, Blackberry!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by VolunteerMom on 21st January 2009

  • Blackberry! I can get my work emails on it...I don't think my work tech will push out the emails to the iPhone...

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by BiblioBabe on 20th January 2009

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