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As Barak Obama becomes President today, what does this day mean to you?”

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  • To me, it means that people are becoming less concerned about race.
    Which is just wonderful!
    Still a long way to go, but WOW!
    Just hearing my folks tell stories about when they were kids, 65 years ago.
    How far we have come.
    Amazing and uplifting.

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  • It is a huge turning point in our country. I think that we have finally turned over the country to someone who is in touch with this generation and can therefore help to fix the problems that we now face. I am very glad to finally be rid of people that are, in my opinion, crazy out of touch with today's reality. By electing Obama, I think it shows that our generation has decided that we have had enough crap and we have finally taken over and done something about it. I am very proud.

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  • More prayers for our country!

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  • H O P E

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