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Do you eat dinner together as a family during the week? I ask because we never manage this -- our daughter (4.5) eats early, around 5:30, and then my husband and I eat late, 9ish. On weekends we do try to eat together. What about you?”

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  • We always eat dinner together w/ very few exceptions. It's great way to see what my child is up to and stay focused on healthy eating.

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  • I usually give my kids (2 1/2 and 14mo) a snack when they get up from nap, around 4:30. Then we try to all eat dinner together after my husband gets home from work, which is around 6, and dinner usually happens around 6:30. But we don't make it every night, and oh well! Some nights he's late, or some nights we're working on a house project, so I go ahead and feed the kids and then we eat later. I prefer having dinner together (only one cleanup!) but it's not going to happen every night & that's okay. We're eating! That's the main point. :)

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  • My daughter, son, and I eat around 4. My husband comes home between 5-7. That is when he eats. During the weekend, we try to sit down together for one meal. Try is the magic word. But I always eat with them. I make it fun too. They miss not having Daddy during dinner. We lay out a blanket in the living room and have a picnic. They love it!!

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  • You have the same schedule as us except we changed it a bit. My son woud eat at 6pm and then we would eat together about 8:30pm. We just changed it so that Mon & Wed I eat early with my son, Tue, Thrus and Fri I eat with my husband. Sat and Sun we all eat together. This is all due to my husband not getting home from work until about 7:30pm and my son cannot wait that long to eat.

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  • I am a single mom who works 6 nights per week as a waitress at the restaurant down the road from my house. My shift starts at 4 pm and most nights I am how between 9-11. I always have dinner ready for my 2 sons when they get home from school. We have a snack together at 3:30, and they eat dinner when they feel like it. On Tuesdays, my night off, we have instilled "Family Dinner Night"... No matter what is going on, we eat together and spend the evening together, playing cards or maybe a movie, sometimes we invite a guest, but there are no excuses. During sports season, we eat on the run, but we are always together. It isn't ideal, but we stay connected.

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  • Absolutely. We eat dinner together just about every night and on the weekends I make a big breakfast for the family. This is one of the only time swe can all be together and enjoy each other's company, so I try really hard to keep it going.

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  • Nope. - well, sort of..
    The kids eat at 6p sharp, they cant hold out much longer.
    Hubby and I eat around 8p together and the kids join us with their bedtime snack and milk.
    So we are together, but eating different meals. We at least get to hear about their day.
    On the weekends we eat dinner together.
    Hoping that as the kids get older ( they are 3 adn 5 now) that they will be able to hold out until 7 so we can do the family meal.
    Prob just a dream though.

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  • We used to, but when we took in some relatives we ran out of room at the dinner table. Now that the children have returned back to their mother (a year and a half later) we are so used to eating apart we still do it. I am hoping that we will get back to the dinner table together.

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  • We eat together on the weekends, but during the week my husband has been coming home late, usually after my daughter's in bed. I do eat with my daughter on the weekdays though. Right now she's only 2 and I don't think she cares, but when she's school-age I think it's important to have dinner together and share your days with eachother. It opens up the lines of communication. My family always did when I was growing up, so I plan to do the same with my kids.

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  • My daughter's dad doesn't eat with us ever. Even if it's the same time, he eats in the living room while we sit at the table.

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  • Yes, we nearly always eat breakfast and dinner together, and lunch when it's practical (I work at home). I eat a second meal after the girls go to bed, because I am up working until 2am on average.

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  • Interesting. We have always eaten as a couple. Then when daughter came along (she's now 2) we ate together, except if our girl is feeling difficult in which case I (ha! good mommy!) park her in front of a dvd to eat. But I've decided the only way I can get back into my long-lost daily exercise routine, which I dearly miss, is for me to skip out once or twice a week and go get my exercise while my husband eats dinner with my daughter. Family meals are important...but for the sake of my health I feel emergency measures are needed.

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