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I am starting a column in my local paper on working moms. What would you like to read about in a column? What topics would keep you coming back? Are you more interested in local/community activities or national topics?”

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  • It would be great for you to have an occasional listing of activities for working moms to do with their kids on the weekends or in the evenings. Everything seems to be during the day, and I would love to do a "mommy and me" class or something with my toddler when I am free, which is NOT at 10am on Wednesdays!

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  • Good luck. I would do a mixture of both, with the bulk toward local and general topics. Cover national topics when they are significant (such as the peanut butter recall). The rest should be general. All working moms tend to face the same issues, concerns, etc. You can't go wrong touching on the issues that you face as a working mom. It's a great subject, I wish you the best.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Susan on 3rd February 2009

  • Time saving tips and organization tips would be great. Also family friendly activities going on each week in your community. I would check each week to make plans for the weekend if you have activities listed.

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  • How about a quick and easy solution to dinners and such? All working moms need great ideas for that... maybe a coupon section for take out foods ???

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