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Would you let your 2 year-old watch you play Mario Kart on a regular basis? My in-laws have a Wii, and my 2 year old has gotten obsessed with Mario Kart. She asks to watch us play it several times a day. (We do NOT give in, and she usually gets to watch it 2-3 times a week.) She has had a few major melt-down if we stop playing. We enjoy playing it together as a family, cheering each other on and having friendly competition. But all my daughter does is watch, she's not big enough to play - I don't think it has any value for her! On the other hand, it's a fun family activity, and she looooves it! Would you cut her off?”

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  • NO
    At 2 I would stick with disney channel or baby eistein.
    That is just me.

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