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I would like to create a website for my new business, can anyone guide me through that .. I was thinking of using wordpress does anyone have a preference.. thanks”

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  • I can help. You can get step-by-step create a website information on my website:

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  • Girl, I always use and recommend Synthasite/ Yola. (they changed their name). Here is my website I have created using them:

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  • Pat
    I saw your answer in your friend request and then it disappeared... (website glitch I guess..) Could you please provide me more details about your future website so I can help you ?

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  • Hi, Pat
    The solution depends on what kind of a website your are planning to launch. For example, I used Boonex Dolphin to create my free community website for artists, I used Prestashop for my e-Commerce website and I am using Wordpress for blogging. Please note that all the above solutions are free. If you can provide some more details, I can probably give you some suggestions. You can see examples in my profile.
    Best regards

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  • thanks Marjorie, I will check that out

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  • Hi Pat,

    I use Wordpress for both my business site and my personal blog.

    There are two ways you can use Wordpress. You can use their hosting, which is or you can get your own hosting account, install the Wordpress script.

    If this is for a business, go with option #2, as you'll have much more control.

    These days, there are so many really professional and magazine style looking templates for Wordpress than there used to be as little as 2 years ago.

    I love that I can access my site and add content from anywhere, since Wordpress is web based. While choosing a template can be a challenge, because there are so many!, once your template it up, then it's just a matter of adding content.

    Hope that helps! If you'd like to see my business site, which is Wordpress, just let me know.

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  • The web address again is

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  • Hello Pat:
    I don't know if you have heard of
    They have a package that is irresistible and worth every penny...and what is more it is easy to use.
    That is what I am using to build my site now.
    You can give it a try

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