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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok, I live in IL and the law requires my son to be in a rear facing car seat until he is a year old and twenty pounds. The twenty pounds is not going to be a problem. He had his 4 month well baby check today and was 18.2 lbs. My problem is we need to find him a rear facing car seat that will last him until he is a year old. We don't really want to have to buy the convertible car seat because we already have the next step up in car seats for both mine and my husbands vehicle. We have looked at the Peg Perego Viaggo 30/30 and I was wondering if anyone has it or has any complaints. We currently are using a Peg Pergo Primo Viaggo but it is only rated for 20 lbs and 26 inches. My son measured in at 26.5 inches today so he's actually outgrown the car seat already. Any suggestions would be great. Let me know what kind of car seat you use(d). We are not set on the Peg Perego brand so if you use something else let me know the pros/cons of the one you have.”

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  • why Don't you want a convertible car seat?? That is really going to be your best option. I had a friend who had the Peg Perego and liked it.. other than it being heavy.. but arent't they all?? but honestly I would go with the convertible b/c most of those go rear facing till 35 lbs..

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