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How often do you get to go out with your significant other, without the kids?”

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  • I work full time and have severe working mom guilt. We NEVER go out without the kids. My oldest is now 14 and can watch the little ones, but we still never do it.

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  • Max, get one of those older kids to babysit and go out. reintroduce yourselves. This is going to sound really corny, but it definitly keeps the love flowing......We makes sure to go on dates frequently, sometimes our dates last all weekend, but my favorite of all dates. We both get ready, he is usually done before me. He will head to the gas station or whereever, he picks up some flowers, and when he comes back he will knock on the door. Just like we were kids (we really are kids) we had our son so young we really didn't get to experience these times, but I love when he does it. He never lets me know, but he always gives me that look that he had the first time he said he loved me, and all those wonderful butterfly feelings come back . Try it.......the effect is everlasting.

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  • My son is 3. One of the biggest things my mom taught me is our spouses need love to. I was pregnant 3 days after my boyfriend and I became an official couple (long story) but we were young, and didn't have really any money, so we really didn't go out much. We worked together and lived together did we really need more time. Yes, we needed stressless time. My mom recognized this after our son was born thats when she started forcing us to go out. We realized how much stress it really took away. It didn't have to be anywhere fancy, or even just walking around downtown was nice. We were a couple not parents. Now don't get me wrong we do not regret our children at all, and we miss them terribly when we are away, but we love the days we get to get to know each other again. Anytime we started getting aggrivated with each other we know its time for an us day. For the post that said they had a falling out with the in laws. I don't get along with him mom by any means, and they argue all the time. But at the same time, the arguments should be between you and them not your kids and them. Its hard but somebody really has to be the bigger person and say hey just becuase we disagree does not mean the kids need to suffer. Also craigslist has alot of churches and cheap babysitters for those tight budgets. My sister is in college, so whenever she comes home she kidnappes my son for however long she is home. She already decided she is going to have him all summer, and not get a job. lol. She saved us at first before she went to school, her and my mom both. I was lucky though. Like I said we had a lot of problems with Jimmys (my boyfriends) mom at first. She spent alot of time trying to convince Jimmy he was wasting his life with me, and the damian (son) was not his. She didn't see him until he was 3 months old, the first thing she said, "oh my god jimmy he looks just like your baby pictures" 3 years later she hates going a week without seeing Damian, and she is the most excited one about the new baby. She tells me frequently if anything ever happens to Jimmy and I just let her know and she will do everything she can to help. She did a 360, but we had to give her that chance. Some people are more scared, and get other emotions involved. Now even when her and jimmy fight, or my mom and I fight, it does not affect the visits, its not Damian's fault for anything so he shouldn't have to suffer.

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  • 2-3 times a month.
    We try to do dinners, or catch a movie or do SOMETHING fun.

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  • Our daughter is 21 months old and we have never been out together (just the 2 of us) since she was born. But, we never really went out to dinner, etc. before we had kids either, so it wasn't that big of an adjustment.

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  • twice a month. I agree with Engineer MOM.

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  • we never really get to go out without the kids. maybe once every three months, we cant afford a babysitter and dont trust just anyone with the kids

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  • We aim for once per month at the very least - figure paying a babysitter is cheaper than paying a therapist!

    Lately, we've been very fortunate - our son's godmother lives in the same apartment building as we do and has offered her free babysitting services as often as once per week. We've taken advantage of her generosity about once every other week for two months now - heaven!

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  • Not very often. To find a babysitter is to find a whole in your wallet. But when we do get out we try to have as much fun as possible and stay away for as long as we can.

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  • We rarely get out without kids. Before, we left them (3 and 2) with the inlaws once every three or four months, but since we`ve had a falling out with them, our outings have been non-existent.

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  • Since my youngest is almost 17 yrs. we go out ourselves usually every week. Mostly to run errands but a few weeks ago we went to eat breakfast at one of the casinos.....It was very that they have lots of fruit and choices that are GF and safe for me to eat. Was nice.

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  • Not that often recently - we have a 20 month old... Before - quite often (our two other kids are teenagers).

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