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Would you pawn something just for the money? Have you ever pawned anything or been in a pawn shop?”

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  • I sold all of my old gold jewlery one year ( 11 yrs ago) to help with a down payment for renting an apt.

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  • Hi D'SMommy1329- thanks for your comment... Pawn shops are a great place to get good deals on things. Lots of people are pawning things now with the economy the was it is. Hope when things get better you will be able to get a video camera (even nicer than the one you had) and another WII. Thanks for the reminder to check and make sure things work first.

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  • With times being so hard I have pawned many things. Unfortunatly they start out as loans. The pawn shops over here will let you place your stuff in their storage, and when you pay them back you can get it back. I couldn't pay them back unfortunatly, I lost my beloved video camera, and my WII. I wouldn't do it with something that I tend to value more, like a family air loom, but its a quick and easy way to get bills paid, and if things turn around for you, you can always get it back. There are also some good things in pawn shops, that are cheap, and a good deal, and some pawn shops allow for layway options. I got my laptop, playstation, a guitar, amp, and a lot of my christmas presents there. The only problem with a pawn shop is that nothing is guaranteed to work, so you want to try it before you buy it.

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