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I have been out of work for 6 years looking after our children and now am finding the world is abiger place! As I have come from the lagal profession I know work will be out there but I'm looking for a website that caters for mum back to work and that is either focussed on the legal industry or the professions in general. I'm looking for a worklife balance - so job share or part time is ideal - am I missing something - are the lots of sites out there already!?? Is anyone else in the same boat and if so where did you look? Look forward to hearing from you Julia”

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  • Hi, Julia - welcome to Work It, Mom! I think there are quite a few moms in our community here in a similar situation to you. Have you checked out companies like MomCorps? While they are not just focused on legal, they do work with moms going back to work on helping them find flexible or part-time professional opportunities.

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