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(1) How have you reclaimed your identity/ style/ interests after having your baby/babies? or (2) What has kept you from reclaiming your identity/style/interests after having your baby/babies? If not Why?”

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  • I dont think this is a odd question at all! As a matter a fact I believe most moms need advice on this matter! Sister Uhura you are BLESSED. And Sister Deb keep your head up it gets easier and can be done. As a working (10 hour days /50 hours week) mother of a 20 month old and a seven month old as well as a hubby who is practically in the baby category :0) ...I practically have no time to myself. I would say its due to lack of child care /support. Its basically just us. However, I have learned to take time every now and then to breathe and do things that I used to do post baby. EVen if its once a month. The thing is a ball drops somewhere and I have to pay the consequences later but at least I maintain a bit of sanity.

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  • This is an odd question. It presupposes that I lost some part of myself post-bambino. I look at having the baby as an expansion of the definition of "me"...I am interested in more things now, and my identity has evolved. For example, my intellectual curiosty was always a tad large, but now it has grown exponentially because I have someone that I'm actually responsible for teaching stuff to. (yikes!)

    I work out, shop, and try to foster friendships when & where I can. Lately I have been finding old pals via facebook - LOL!

    Anyway - I think that I am able to do all of this because of 3 things:

    1) Time management
    2) A good job situation
    3) A spouse who does his fair share

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  • I havent
    I am lost somewhere between exausted working mother and exausted mom who is involved in everything possible to do with the kids.
    i dont have time to work out, i dont have time to shop, i dont have much time for friends.

    just having a bad day, sorry for the pity party

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