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Would you cancel plans to travel to Mexico because of the Swine Flu (say for a wedding or vacation you'd planned?)”

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  • We actually have plans (non-refundable of course) for a vacation first week of June. At this point I'm thinking we will likely cancel, but we are going to wait a week to determine where this is going. I'm less worried about being in Mexico (renting a house, not at a big resort) than I am being on the airplane.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Aimers on 29th April 2009

  • I got a notice yesterday that the CDC has issued a travel warning (as of April 28) that recommends avoiding nonessential travel to Mexico. So yeah, I'd cancel...I'm a sucker for a warning from the CDC...

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Steel Magnolia on 29th April 2009

  • For a vacation, yes. For a wedding, I might go anyway, if it was someone close enough.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by SKL on 29th April 2009

  • I'm staying home..

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by eileen b on 29th April 2009

  • of course i would cancel!
    there is no need to go to mexico!
    it will be a very long time until their travel industry recovers.
    sad but true.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by DebR on 28th April 2009

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