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Do you eat breakfast at home or at the office? What's your go-to breakfast favorite?”

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  • The last few months I've been trying to lose weight and my trainer told me that you should eat breakfast within the first 30 min that you wake up. Since I've been doing this it's AMAZING how much more energy I have and I have had a lot more success. I keep it simple toast w/ peanut butter and skim milk, or cereal w/milk, but for those of you trying to watch your waist line- this tip works

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  • When I worked for a large corporation, they had a great breakfast menu. I still miss the chocolate bagels and smoothies among other things. But now that I work at home, I also eat at home. Top priority is the coffee. I love bagels and eggs.

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  • Breakfast @ the office for me: Raisin Bran w/ 2% milk. Yum!

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  • how about on the way to the office? i grab a banana from home and eat it on the way... if i am have decided that is just not enough, i might stop at starbucks (but i try not to) (but it's soooo good) or i end up hitting the cafeteria at work for an english muffin or bagel or something...

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  • I eat breakfast at the office. I keep cold cereal, cream of wheat and yogurt on hand. Coffee is provided by work and Friday is bagel day so I'll have a bagel with tomato and that is my "cheat" day.

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  • I eat breakfast with my teenager before he gets on the bus for school. We don't talk (it's 6:15 AM and he's 17 - need I say more?), but it's a connection. I usually make my own coffee and bring it to school (work) with me in a thermos. Cheaper than Starbucks, tastes better than the office mud.

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  • I have an egg over easy, toast and my dunkin donuts coffee. I love my mornings, bc that's my "me" time.

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  • At work. It's part of the job description. After the parents come and drop the kids off at headstart we sit down with them at tables and have them eat breakfast. And it's healthier for me and the two other teachers because our cook patty has to follow specific nutrition guidelines for the kids health.

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  • I always eat at the office. I pack a breakfast burrito/breakfast wrap (whatever you want to call it) along with my lunch. I workout in between dropping my son off at school and getting to the office and would get cramps if I ate first.

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  • i have to report to office before 8 in the morning and dont find time other than a cup of tea to have at breakfast. i take cookies and tea if feel hungry otherwise remain without anything till 2 p. m to come back to luch.
    nothing to eat is available i the office except fried heavy spicy food that i dont take due to being weight conscious. if i had a chance to have a breakfast i would prefer two toasts and an omlete with a glass of milk in the morning. but its just an iffffffffff.

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  • I eat at the office- cereal each day.
    Fri is bagel day, so thats a treat.
    On SAT and SUN we go to the diner as a family :)

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