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What are your kids going to be for Halloween? Did you buy or make their costumes?”

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  • This year, I bought a costume online. I got this cute little Princess Leia costume from I am soooo excited!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kim the Cybersurfing Junkie on 25th September 2009

  • My 7 yo DS is going to be a police officer. I'm going as "the bad guy," and he's psyched about slapping the 'cuffs on me. :-) Last yr, I *made from scratch* a Thomas the Train costume...oy was that a lot of work. I took this yr off and bought his costume at Joann's Superstore.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by tkd_mama on 31st October 2007

  • AnneGlamore - I read your post, that is hilarious!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 26th October 2007

  • Pulgito is going as a tiger:

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Neefer on 25th October 2007

  • Chungita is going as a fairy (again, this is the 3rd fairy costume that I've made for her):

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Neefer on 25th October 2007

  • I made the huge mistake of letting my otherwise extremely capable husband handle this task this year, and the long and short of it is that one of my 9 year old sons is going as a pimp. You can read about it at (My Mac Daddy and Me) if you have the stomach for it.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by AnneGlamore on 25th October 2007

  • My boys are in college now, but I have to pass along the costume idea we came up with when the boys were younger...

    We live in Minnesota, so it was often quite cold on Halloween! They wore a black sweatshirt and sweatpants, with layers underneath if they needed more warmth. I bought quite a few of the the long, bendable glow-in-the-dark glow tubing that was available at our local bowling alley (I've seen them at Paper Warehouse, too.) We put circlets of the glow tubing around their head, neck, arms, waist and legs. Not too exciting with the lights on, but outside in the dark? It was FANTASTIC! We called it "Neon Man."

    You could see them from a long ways off and the effect was really eerie because you can't see anything except the moving glow. They got tons of comments. It was such a hit they both were Neon Man for several of their last years dressing up.

    It was easy and inexpensive - and best of all, no fuss! A lot of bang for the buck. I hope you have some young boys that can have some fun with this idea!
    Anne at

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Anne Florenzano on 25th October 2007


    Flag as inappropriate Posted by lenagulley9 on 24th October 2007

  • My 3 year old daughter is going to be a fairy princess (hear my sarcasm: of course! so I bought wings and she's already got enough tiaras and wands and pink dresses. The 17 month-old, I'm not so sure. She'll either be able to squeeze into the bunny costume her cousins and sis wore which was made by my MIL or she'll be wearing the Angel Baby costume big sis wore last year. That one I made and it's the spitting image of the angel baby doll that the oldest can't live without. I'm hoping she fits in the bunny to make Grammie really proud and happy!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound on 24th October 2007

  • Kate - our neighbor has this costume, they tried it on last night (the boy is 11 months old) - and it's adorable!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 24th October 2007

  • My little one's going to be a ninja for Halloween.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kristina on 24th October 2007

  • my son is going to be a pumpkin! ok it's a $10 orange sweat suite with a hoodie. the front of the sweatshirt has a pumpkin face and the hoodie has the stem! so cute! especially on his little 16 month old toddler self:) i couldnt make a cuter costume for less so i am excited!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 24th October 2007

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