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Technology: Mac, PC, handhelds? What works for you?”

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  • Me too -- my parents first bought an Apple IIe in '86 and I had a Mac Classic in college. I've never owned anything but Macs. (My husband does, though, so I can maneuver okay through Windows.) I have not gotten into the hand-held thing or the cell phone thing. My (old) Palm is bascially just an expensive address book; that's all I use it for.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by el-e-e on 25th October 2007

  • Nataly, you should get one of those fuschia, long-haired fake fur covers-- LOL-- that would make a statement :)

    I have had nothing but Macs since 1986. My husband and daughter, too. He is an architect and she is thinking of studying computer-aided graphic design. She does amazing things with Photoshop and is an award-winning pixel dollz artist (see sidebar of my b log for her work). I do a lot of photography and touch ups, and web design and content preparation. We do have PCs in our lives. My husband's office has them on a network for his architects to use AudoCad, and there is one at my office at work. PCs are okay. I'm getting so I can troubleshoot things fairly okay. I am lusting after a handheld with the writing capabilities (create Word document, not just read) and the little qwerty keyboard, though I doubt I would use it given that I am a near a computer almost all the time. I just like the idea of being able to carry around a novel-in-progress...

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by KatieK on 24th October 2007

  • I'm a PC gal married to a Mac guy, and slowly coming around to his side, although I'll probably always use PCs at the office, since I don't work in a creative or educational field.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Florinda Pendley Vasquez on 23rd October 2007

  • I was dying for a Mac - I had this romantic image of sitting in cafes and working on that great looking laptop - but at the end went for a Dell Inspiron. It was much cheaper, had great ratings, and I kept hearing that some Mac laptops overheat. I am still in envy for how cool it looks (my husband thinks I should get one of those skins for my Dell to brighten it up).

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 23rd October 2007

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