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How involved are you in politics? How do you feel about the 2008 election?”

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  • I am involved in politics and am very pleased to say that I think Hillary Clinton will be our first female president. That I think will empower women everywhere to get up and be somebody. I think it is exactly what we need and will improve our world as a whole.

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  • I'm fairly well informed and always vote, even though I may not know who's running at the local level. (I have a confession to make: if I don't know the candidates, one of my fallback strategies is to vote for the woman(en).) :-) I usually make more of an effort to find out about candidates at the state and federal level, and about state ballot questions. My local Congressman & Senators enjoy enough popularity to keep getting them re-elected, and I like them so that's good for me that they keep getting re-elected. But one is getting fairly old, so I'm nervous about who might eventually replace him. I'm in one of the two main parties, and yes, I hold my nose quite a lot about the entrenched politics in my own party as well as the other. But I see people use that as an excuse to stand on the sidelines, and thank goodness we live in a country that allows us that freedom to do so. But I prefer to participate in the whole "civic duty" thing.
    And I'm leaning towards one candidate in the presidential election, but reserve the right to change my mind before then. :-)

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  • I am not involved and I feel bad about it. I think as a citizen - and someone who became a citizen after immigrating to the US - I have a responsibility to know what's going on, to care, to be informed. It's one thing I used to do before I had a baby. I am trying to get better about it as the 2008 elections are approaching...

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  • I am not very involved in politics at all, but I want to be. I do however have very strong convictions, and am an active voter! I think that the governing of the nation is very important, and that as citizens we have an obligation to be informed voters. I think that as women we especially have that obligation since it was denied to us for so long!

    On the other hand, it's very frustrating to see all the corruption that happens in politics. Most of the time I feel like it's impossible to make any kind of difference. In 2008 I will be voting for the environment, health care, and for someone who can manage horror that has been the Iraqi war...hopefully we won't be in a new war with Iran...but I'm still waiting for a candidate to step up to the plate....I still like Al Gore!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mamajama on 26th October 2007

  • I've always been very involved in politics and worked on numerous campaigns at various levels, no matter how often I say I won't. The politicians in our town now all knock on our door (we've been here 5 1/2 years) because we have a flawless voting record and they have access to that. Not how we voted but THAT we voted. As for this coming election, yikes. I still have no idea where I stand and I'm as fed up as I've ever been with it all. I'm not actively getting involved this time and won't be making any decisions until the end.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound on 25th October 2007

  • I have worked on Presidential campaigns in the past and am very involved in politics, although my heart gets broken almost every time...I am afraid the 2008 election will not be any different. But still - Go Obama!!!

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  • I can't believe that they're moving the primaries up SO early this (next) year. As if the election run wasn't already long enough! Gah. I'm not very politically inclined (I tend to think they're all crooks, on either side of the aisle) but am trying to be responsible and make informed decisions this year.

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  • I live abroad, so I follow things from a distance. I live in Turkey, so the current administration's policies influence where I live profoundly. I was against the invasion, occupation and rape of Iraq from the day I first read mention of the plan and find it incomprehensible that the Democratic Party in Congress and in the Senate are unable to act in opposition to a president with only 24% approval from the public.

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  • I'm pretty involved in this election. I feel pretty strongly about the need for changes and am willing to donate my time and money to help that happen.

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  • I plan to become involved locally with candidates for our state assembly and U.S. Congress. The races were too close for comfort two years ago, and the decisions these people make have a huge impact on my life both professional and personal. I don't have much money, but I have a little time, so I will donate or volunteer.

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  • I hate politics and am as uninvolved as Americanly possible.

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  • Well, I think my inability to keep up with it all inspires me to try. If that isn’t as backwards as the system, I don’t know what is!
    I get frustrated that the whole reason the party system was invented was so you could look at the party platforms and make your decision and NOT have to research each candidate individually! SO IRRITATING that most of them disregard their party platforms! Of course, if they just created their own we would probably just have a zillion parties or extremely vague platforms. It’s frustrating. That’s pretty much how I feel about it, I get excited, and I love it but it frustrates me so much I then ignore it until its closer. There is so much more I could complain about but it’s not worth the emotion yet. Maybe later!

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