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How do I help my nanny transition to a new job? Today I gave her 3 months notice that I am putting the girls in full-time preschool this fall. She is very upset. She has been with us for 21 months. The biggest reason I need to make the change soon is that their language development is suffering due to her language barrier, which we've discussed many times with little result. So I know I'm doing the right thing but I wonder if I should be doing anything more for the nanny. What do others do in this situation?”

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  • I think three months notice is generous and should be plenty of time to find a new position. The only thing to think about is that your nanny might not be able to coordinate a start date with a new family on the exact same day your kids start preschool (especially if she has been so busy working for you up until that day that she hasn't had time to spend with the new family). If she doesn't want a lapse in pay, she might need to accept a job with an earlier start date and she also might need to take some time off this summer for the hiring process. If you really want to be helpful to her, and you don't want her to be in the awkward position of having to choose between her own job search and her remaining obligations to you, maybe you could find some temporary back-up childcare for the summer (maybe a student) and let the nanny know that over the next three months you are happy to give her as much flexibility as she needs in terms of time off for interviews or trial runs with a prospective family, as well as to end her employment with you early once she has a new job lined up. Not only would that be a great concession to the nanny that you care about, but it would also be helpful to you to be prepared for a summer that might be less than predictable now that you have given her notice. It also might be helpful for you to find a new babysitter now who could be available to you later when things come up, like sick kids or days when the preschool is closed.

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  • I think the most you can do is give her a good reference and keep an ear out for someone who might need a good nanny. I understand why she is upset; she is very attached to your girls. However, life moves on. Things change. Hopefully she will be able to adjust and find a new position. Are you willing to keep in some contact with her after she leaves you? Send her pics/updates of the girls, etc? That might make it easier for her, too.

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