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  • No. And maybe I'm showing my age, but other than for self promotion of your business, why should or would you? I mean, I guess I grew up knowing the true meaning of the word "discretion." somthing that seems to be lost on a lot of people nowadays. I'm like this about blogging as well. If it's not for a business purpose, why in the world would you EVER expose yourself in a diary-like manner on the WWW? That's what hand-written diary journals are for. In this day and age, with potential employers' ability to search out any and every thing you've written on the web, I certainly have no desire for other to know my deepest and darkest secrets.

    Somehow, I think people have forgotten that old saying of "discretion is the better part of valor." and it's that way for a reason.

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  • Do you think twitter can bring traffic to my online boutique? It seems different that facebook. I'm planning to leave twitter.

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  • No, but I'm thinking about it to help me promote my blog The Fence at A good friend of mine attended a food-blogger function for National Public Radio and out of 46 people, she was the only one not on Twitter. So, she's trying to convince me. I don't know. I just came around to Facebook!

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  • I do too, just as of a couple of months ago:
    I think it's a good thing, easy way to send out quick updates and keep up with other moms you know/network with.

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  • Yes, I'm a twitter bug! Follow me
    What is also great for ladies in business or blogging to get on #gno every Tuesday run by Girls Night Out for networking and great links, I can't join the fun this Tuesday, but have met some great networking opportunities out of it!

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