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Do you eat your kids leftovers?”

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  • Yes. Sometimes the same or I add to it or make a different meal out of it but I dare not waste any food.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by givenshl on 20th September 2012

  • heck yes. he almost never finishes a meal, and I wouldn't want to waste the food!!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by That Heather Girl on 12th July 2009

  • Yum chicken nuggets!!! Plus I'm pregnant, again! Can't help myself!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Beaniemommie on 11th July 2009

  • My "kids" are 13 and 15, and are both very athletic, and very hungry- we rarely have leftovers in the fridge. When we do, they'll only eat them if the food in question is something easy- mac and cheese, spaghetti, and anything that is "familiar."

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Farrah on 5th July 2009

  • YUP!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by JP City Mom on 23rd June 2009

  • Yes, we do. It's like a little indulgence, I know its crazy. I would never make mac & Cheese with chicken fingers for myself, but my husband and I are always eying those little fried gems at the end of the night, just to snack. :)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by BrendaG on 22nd June 2009

  • I feel mixed about the wasting food thing because I don't want to force them to eat if they're not hungry. HOWEVER, I appear to constantly be compelled to eat my children's food and, like Nataly, probably weigh more because of it. I hate that I eat their food. I don't even like their food! It's compulsive!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kami Lewis Levin on 21st June 2009

  • Yes. I preach at them about not wasting food, so I figure I ought to set the example. Generally they are good about cleaning their plates, but if they can't finish, I either finish it or put it in the fridge. We do eat the same foods, so it's not a big deal . . . I usually serve myself on the lean side so that I have room for more if the need arises.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by SKL on 20th June 2009

  • All. the. time. I'm fairly certain that I'd weight 5lbs less if I didn't do it. It's one of the annoying habits I picked up after my daughter was born and boy, I need to find a way to kick it.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 20th June 2009

  • NO,
    They usually pick everything to peices., so its always mushed and mangled.
    Besides, they dont eat our dinner food, they eat kid food, mac cheese, kid pasta, pizza, etc.
    I do save it for their lunch the next day most times though.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by DebR on 20th June 2009

  • Yes....can't afford to just throw things out.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by eileen b on 20th June 2009