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What are your hobbies? What would you spend spare time on- if you ever had any? ( not the kids- something for YOU )”

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  • 90 minute hot, sweaty, mind numbing yoga. I miss it so much, but it's too time consuming between getting to the studio, taking class, getting back home, cleaning up......I am taking a weekly prenatal class again this fall before my 2nd baby arrives!

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  • I love to read - I try to spend at least 15min reading before bed each night. I also love to hike with my dog - he was was my first "kid", so I try to find a couple of hours 2-3x a month to go hiking in one of our parks (he gets a walk with baby every day, but the hikes are just for me and him).

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  • I started taking tennis lessons a couple of months ago. I also love going to the gym and I am in an improv group. I haven't been as active performing in my group lately, though, because the shows are late and I am too tired from having a kid!

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  • Scuba diving, dirt bike riding, camping, hiking - hobbies that fell away after motherhood dawned.

    Reading and writing, cooking - things I love to do that I still have time for,

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  • I like to scrapbook, stamp, make things like jewelry or stitch, garden, read and write. I find however when i do have the opportunity to get a few moments to my time that i just sleep. I am apparently very sleep deprived.

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  • I play the guitar..and I continue to take a lesson every wednesday night. That is my hour to myself. I have a great husband who supports my he thinks its cool. I played when I was 16...stopped and never got back to for 20 some odd years. I absoutely love that I can play an instrument now...I highly recommend it. It is good for the kids to see....friends like it...and it is something you can do alone or in a group. Music does soothe on a bad day too.

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  • Like Lakshmi, I read... and I still find time for it now, even with three kids; when I don't I just feel my insides drying up and withering away.
    What is difficult to fit in, though, is time outside (as in, beyond our backyard where the kids play). I love just taking off in the local park or fields or woods, walking and discovering as I go. Long hikes, walks, tree climbing, breathing deep, sitting still, appreciating the beauty. I'd do more of that. Right now I get my outside fix by lots and lots of gardening, which I can do while the kids play alongside. I love that, but it's not quite the same as being surrounded by huge trees, "lost" in a new outdoor place.

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  • Great question...find time to sew, and do more crafts. And would love to find more time to swim. I "help" my one daughter by watching my those days don't get much done after he is here.

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  • I always sit and read whenever there is a spare moment, it is so relaxing to me..

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