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When you're able to take some time for yourself, what do you do?”

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  • I don't seem to have a lot of me time for myself. Perhaps I should. I watched somebody on TV who said she'd wake up at least 20 minutes ahead of everyone, fix herself up a cup of coffee and just enjoy the peace of those few minutes of quiet time. I told my friend about it and she suggested that I should do it in the afternoons while the kids are napping. I thought maybe I should get myself a zen garden or a table top fountain in my little nook in the house--something to stare at while enjoying those few minutes of quiet time while sipping coffee or just a soothing background sound while checking my mail.

    I saw these online:

    Perhaps I'll buy them for Christmas for myself!

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  • Read. Read, read, read. That's read for pleasure, though. I bring home a lot of professional reading (curriculum, research), and that's work, not relaxation. A good cup of coffee and a good book, and I'm happy.

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  • I exercise! Believe it or not it's a win-win for me. It's time just for me to put on a headset, listen to great music, and when it's over, I'm in a great mood and have alot more energy for the day.

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  • The greatest gift I've ever given myself is the gift of Tai Chi lessons. I go once a week and for that hour all I am responsible for is breathing in rythm with body movements. For a Type A person like me (who can't rest her brain even when she sleeps), this one hour a week has been my saving grace.

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  • I love to read magazines and books when I have time. I will prepare for this time by making sure I always have a "special" kind of tea or coffee (like International Coffee) and get in my PJ's and get into my bed and read whatever I want. Usually I can do this on Sundays. Oh, and I love to watch food TV on Sundays too! Also, I love to paint my toenails when I get a chance. were able to get have a manicure..woohoo..that is awesome!
    I also like what Kate said...I love to cook so I totally understand the grocery shopping response. However, most of the time, I am in such a rush..I don't have time to check out the new products, read labels and see what else I may want to try.

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  • I'm a magazine addict! If I have an afternoon to myself, I'll sit and read magazines for hours.

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  • I love to spend time with my horses, my girl friends. Often I use free time to put on some music- run a bath and just treat myself with relaxation.

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  • Most times I spend it on the computer - checking out interesting sites and blogs (like this one ;) ). But when I REALLY have some free time to myself and I decide to spend it all on ME - my favorite thing to do is take a nap. Ahhh... how I love a good nap! :)

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  • Kate, I am glad I'm not the only one who likes the grocery store sometimes. Without the kid accompanying me, it's actually pleasant. I always like to say, "there's so much possibility there!" :)

    Usually when I take the time for myself, it's to go to lunch with a friend or shopping... or my favorite, a nap.

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  • Take a nap or go shopping.

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  • I love to browse a bookstore, get a mani-pedi cure, go to Starbucks. I had a horse until less than a year ago. That was the best therapy. I love to go out to dinner with my husband, too.

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  • great question! i agree with KathyHowe - it depends on how long i have! i actually love grocery shopping. i dont know why, but if i can go when it isnt crowded and just wonder the aisles i will emerge a recharged and happy woman! i also like reading but thats a luxury i rarely allow myself because once i start i can't stop. I also agree with Nataly about the manicure, that and getting my hair cut/colored because it is FORCED time to sit and be quiet and not have anyone who needs anything from you. dont even have to talk if you dont want to. fantasticness!!

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