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Where is the last place you traveled to for a vacation WITHOUT your children?”

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  • Overnight trip to apple country.

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  • Ha ha! Mine was a bit more recent! My husband won the trip as an award at work - Employee of the Year 2006. We went to Thailand for 12 days in March 2007 - I got to spend my 27th birthday touring temples in Bangkok. We only called the kids on the fourth day after arriving in Phuket, and both ended up crying. The locals crossed the street to walk past us. Ethan was 11 months old and Kiefer was 3.

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  • OMG... I think the last place I went without the kids was Disneyland in 2004. Yep... I know.... sad, but true.

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  • Anguilla - in July it was amazing. After 5 years.

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  • I just got back from a week alone in Thailand (with my sister, who lives there). It was so restorative and amazing and delicious and very very hot. Temperature-wise. You can read about it at my blog, The Fence I highly recommend it, though it took my four years to muster up the balls...

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  • Last summer, I took a weekend off from being a Mom. I arranged to have my children spend the weekend with friends, and went camping with a group of people who hillclimb, (race cars up mountain roads against the clock).
    My sons don't have the luxury of having a dad in their lives. They have "step-in fathers" instead. I have male friends whom I trust who spend time doing guy things with them.
    This summer, I arranged to have them both at overnight camp during the same week while I got to stay home and get some needed work done around the house.

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  • It was either Vegas or London/Dublin. Vegas was for a conference I attend most years, and my husband lived in London (in-laws in Dublin) before we were married. Of course, since we got married, our son came with us for the next two trips over there. With two now, though, I'm not sure... :-)

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  • London for a week in 2005. Second marriage, we delayed the honeymoon for a year to be able to pay for it. Left the kids, 13 yr and 11 yr, with grandma.

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  • Going to Vegas in 3 weeks for my first vacation away from my son.

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  • Montreal. It was heavenly:)

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  • To Macchupicchu (Peru) for the Solstice in 2007

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