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How did your first kid handle the arrival of your second child? Kind of nervous because I'm an only child myself and know nothing about all this sibling stuff.”

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  • Our boys are 18 months apart. My oldest was NOT HAPPY at all when we brought his brother home. I remember him screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOO AS we walked in the door with the baby. The first few months were rough, having to keep the baby on the dining room table if I walked away to use the bathroom or anything. My older one kept throwing toys at him.
    He got used to it and now they are best friends. We did all the books prior, the video, and tried our hardest to prepare him, but he is a jealous lil guy,
    Still not thrilled when I hold babies, and he is 5.5
    best of luck, I too am an only child.

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  • Thanks! Babydoll - check! My husband and I aready decided to have her help buy stuff for the next kid and on the delivery day give her a gift from the baby and a " Happy Birthday Baby" cupcake! My husband( Youngest of 3) is trying to figure out a special activity for them to do together for a pick- me- up! She's a pretty outgoing kid -I'm sure I'm concerned for nothing!

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  • My oldest two daughters are 2 years apart...I had bought her a baby doll early while I was pregnant so she could have her "own" baby and also bought her a new trike and gave it to her the day the baby came home..she was find. You'll do great...just have to make sure you still do the special things with your oldest. Hugs.

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