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Has anyone here ever had any experience with a (and pardon my terminology here) yard nazi in the neighborhood? What I mean by that is someone who is SO anal about their yard that they get upset by others who are not so anal and then make disparaging remarks about someone?”

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  • Not really. Our yard embarrasses me, but I have little landscaping experience and less time and money to devote to it than some of our neighbors. Still, there's much worse and much nicer up and down the street. Of course, in an area where there are more renters than owners, no one seems to expect much anyway.

    From my own experience, having an immaculate property that's well landscaped and tended means absolutely nothing compared to what goes on behind the lovely, closed doors and in the hearts of the caretakers themselves.

    Maybe you should point out to your yard nazi that their impeccable yard does little to make up for the nastiness they house within. After all, anyone who places more value on the appearance of things and disparages those who don't do the same has a lot of ugliness of their own showing through. And it's the kind of ugliness that will take more than a rake, a spade and some seed to remedy.

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  • The one we have is our backyard neighbor. They're an older couple and totally anal. Those of us with backyards that backs to them have kids or aren't as anal as they are. We've been cleaning out our garage and doing other things in our own back yard, but they apparently have deemed us (and some others) something akin to "trailer trash" because we have things out in our back yard that we're working on. In fact, they made a remark to the effect that if a for sale sign went up, they'd hold a block party. Considering none of our other neighbors have problems with us or us with them, it looks like this older couple have no life either.

    It's always been amazing to me when adults act worse than children. Something I think the kids have better sense.

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  • No,
    most everyone takes great care of their yards.
    It is a shame when you do see that one house on the street that is unable to care for their own property due to various reasons. But as long as there is nothing attracting animals, ( like actual garbage) then its really nobodys business.
    We have a street neighbor who is a complete NUT! she patrols the streets and gossips about everything.
    She is a total racist too! The comments out of her mouth are shocking.
    She obviously has no life and nothing better going on.

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