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How many people here volunteer on a regular basis? Do you have a specific cause you are involved in? Do your kids get involved as well? and/or Does anyone have a social enterprise business that they run?”

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  • Now that my child is school age I find it easier to volunteer more. One, for some things she can help. A local church in our area has "family night" in the soup kitchen once a month and she's old enough to tear lettuce, place meat on sandwiches, etc.
    I also find a lot of volunteering is now at the school. The amount of fundraising every school, public or private, has to do can stuff your calendar.
    I do a few other things professionally but I do guard my time more. I'll take a short-term volunteer project that will keep me up nights, but not a long term one. I'll be a director, but not something intensive like treasurer. I was secretary for my last time intensive project and I wanted to cry toward the end. I'm cutting out stressful things like that.

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  • I used to contribute about 200 hours a year before I had kids. Now it is a lot harder (my kids are too young to really tag along for the things I do), but I am still an officer on four nonprofit boards, and I do some other stuff as well. Mostly I sneak nonprofit stuff in between midnight and 6am. I find it hard to justify leaving my kids with a sitter for nonprofit stuff, on top of the time I spend at work. I ended up quitting one organization because they changed all the meetings to early morning. At the same time, I took on another treasurer position, and I'm somewhat regretting it. My kids and I were sick for the better part of 2 months this spring, and between that and a few unusually huge work projects, it has been very hard to get up to speed and keep current on the nonprofit stuff. Mix in a generous helping of "politics" in two of the organizations, and let's just say I get tired. If I had it all to do over again, I'd take on less and do it better.

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