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Do you have any suggestions for taking a picture of yourself for the About page on your web site or blog? What makes a professional looking photo? Should you have a family member (DH) take a pic at home, or should you go to a portrait studio (Sears, JC Penny, etc.)?”

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  • I think you can go either way but no matter what path you choose, if you aren't COMFORTABLE in front of the camera you will hate your photos. Good luck!

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  • of you can also create a graphic of something you like, something that symbolizes your or your ideas. my rhino doesnt mean i *look* like a rhino LOL but it was always my favorite animal for silly reasons when i was a kid, and it stuck. so hubby drew it for me for IM and there you go - it's now my symbol!

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  • It depends who lives in your house--if you live with a person who is good with a camera, you shouldn't need to go to a professional studio. Wear something with a bit of tailoring, a crisp white shirt. Go for an uncluttered background. Think a bit about the feature of your face that you like the best/want to emphasize, and the one you want to de-emphasize-- for example, if you have a double chin, shooting from slightly above will put the focus on your eyes and throw the jaw line slightly out of focus. Most important, take about 100 frames-- now that everything is digital it doesn't cost anything-- and play around with poses and lighting. Don't be afraid to look silly-- you can delete those shots and keep the best.

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  • You know, I think this depends - how formal do you want it to be? If you'd like to appear formal and very professional, I do think it's a good idea to get a professional photo taken. If you're ok with appearing more casual, then definitely ask a family member. (I once found someone on craigslist who was a photographer and took some great shots for only $75 - I still use them!)

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