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How many weeks of vacation do you take per year?”

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  • 4 weeks and I take them all!! I usually will do one part of 3 weeks and then use the last week broken up to accomadate life stuff. Like going out of town for a weekend wedding.

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  • I "take" 1 full wk per year at Christmas. I "get" 4 weeks from my employer, but feel I can't take a WHOLE week at one time without being hopelessly the other 3 weeks are taken in 1-2 day windows.

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  • I have "3 weeks" of vacation - last year my 2 week vacation was inturrupted continuously. So much for "vacation." When I'm lucky, I get comp days

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  • We get 4 weeks and are able to carry over 5 days max.
    although the 4 weeks includes sick time.
    so we only get a ONE week true vacation, away, as a family.
    Usually one week adds up to sick time.
    then random long weekends.
    we spilt the long weekends with family visits, or just hubby and I and also do a few on Kid fun stuff.
    works out.

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  • I get 4 weeks of vacation plus 5 personal days, so 5 weeks total. We have a "use it or lose it" policy with no carry over, so I take it all. The only year I didn't was when I had already taken off 12 weeks for maternity leave. I use a lot for kid stuff, we usually take a 1 week vacation and I take a few long weekends and a few days around the holidays at the end of the year. If my company were more flexible with the hours they want me to be at the office, I wouldn't have to use as much.

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  • Being self-employed, it's tough, but I usually take a one-week vacation and a few long weekends throughout the year.

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  • I accrue 7 hrs every two weeks. I just used every last hour to take our annual family summer vacation, now I'm down to 0. A very sick feeling.

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  • I get 4 weeks per year plus a few personal days (work for a large corporation)... I have been "carrying over" 4-5 days a year since I started as a cushion in case something crazy happens... but, I have to use the rest of it or lose it each year. It's a paid benefit and if I don't use it, I'm losing money (and sanity). Also, with 2 kids in elementary school and all the school holidays and weeks off... and the 2 1/2 weeks that there is no camp available at the end of the summer, I NEED every last vacation day I can get since I don't have family to watch them for me. My husband and I do a lot of juggling of our days to ensure we have time off together as a family for at least one actual vacation a year.

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  • No weeks. I take time off for certain personal needs, probably totaling about 5 "business" days per year. In the past year, probably 3 of those days would be considered "vacation" and they were for trips with my colleagues involving the boss partner's family. We don't really have a "vacation policy" in our company because it's run by a workaholic. We also work 7 days most weeks. I don't really need a "rest," but I would like to spend some time with my extended family without getting grief about it.

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  • I don't. I take a few days here and there. Our vacation policies are terrible and the way time is accrued doesn't allow for vacation weeks unless you have no family or illnesses. We don't get more than 8 hours of sick time annually, so, when our daughrter got really sick earlier this year, I blew through all of my currently accrued vacation time to help care for her.

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