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What do you think about PayPal Donation buttons on sites/blogs? Tacky? In poor taste? A great idea? I've seen these a lot - and figure it can't hurt, right? If someone wants to give me a buck or two, goodness knows I need it, lol. But I wouldn't want to turn anyone off, either. What do you think? Have you ever donated to one of these? I'm trying to decide if I should add one or not, lol.”

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  • We put up a tip jar on as a way for our listeners to reward our hosts (who do the show for free) when they enjoy the show. So far, we haven't seen any action there - but we're not giving up. Who knows but that someone will listen for awhile and come back to give a host a big chunk of change?

    I do occasionally tip someone's blog or forum myself so I think they can work - I just don't know how well they work overall.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kelly McCausey on 5th November 2007

  • I definitely don't think it's something that would turn people off to your site. I've read a few posts from bloggers and haven't heard anything negative...

    I hadn't ever even noticed them before you mentioned it though, and don't know if I would ever donate to something like this. Maybe add it and monitor your traffic very carefully for a little while.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by mamajama on 2nd November 2007