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I am REALLY not inspired by my job anymore. With times like they are, looking for another job isn't in the cards. How do I make this one more exciting?”

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  • I there is some very good and true advice listed below. My thing is my kids and helping moms be better moms. I know how hard it is and there is no perfect recipe. Thats why I got into my business. When I demo what my simple toys can do for kids to parents, I see relief. When they see how much fun I have at my demos and how much their kids love the toys, they immediately want to know how to do what I do. When I share with them the simplicity of the opportunity, they are in disbelief.
    I'm just a mom, an everyday person like each one of us. I have had some not so pleasant experiences with other things before, but it just wasn't my thing. Find your thing and when you "work" it doesn't feel like work, that's how you know you've found it! Good luck to you

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  • You can't make your current job more exciting. It is like attempting to squeeze your size 9 foot into a size 6 shoe. Stand in the grace of appreciation for the job that is able to carry you through for the moment, yet be in continuous pursuit of an elevated purpose. Strengthen whatever unique talent(s) you have been gifted with and apply those talents toward a life/calling more fulfilling.
    -My Best!

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  • Yes, searching for your passion and your next best role, inside your current company or outside, is the way to go. Find what you love and see if you can do it at your current company. If not, make a plan to depart and move on. Yes, $$ are tight in many places but there are still opportunities out there. Get excited about something and research it. Be persistent and patient. The spark will come back.

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  • I would say, figure out what you really want to do or have a passion for...but....know that today's economy that having a job is not a bad thing. Keep your day job while figuring out what you really want to do. Read "What Color is your parachute" and make a list of what your strengths are, what your weaknesses are (I'm not talking about not liking too much chocolate either). Are you a musician, a crafter, a mother, a writer, a nurse? Or are you just bored with your everyday life? If you are looking to start your own business, start small and work your way up...don't fall for those "schemes" that everyone in town (and online) are selling you...(I know, I fell for one or two)...good luck and friend me if you like.

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  • I have been an elementary school teacher for 14 years and it's really losing it's spark. I decided to start 2 businesses and give working from home a shot. So far so good!

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  • Is that possible? I am not inspired by my job either, so I just think about long term goals to change things and try to come up with a plan to make that happen.

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