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Should working from home be a right or a privilege?”

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  • I think it helps to step back and remember that those of us considering this question are privileged to begin with to even have the kind of work that could be done from home. The real WORK of the world can not be done at home at all, and is being done for us every day by the people who farm and raise our food, build our homes and the infrastructure of our cities, and clean up after us. Those of who are able to enter society in other ways and be a part of that sector of the economy that does the thinking and the planning and the organizing need to remember that this privilege comes with a great deal of responsibility to participate in as meaningful a way as possible. The impetus toward working from home that has arisen among this privileged sector of people working in the service industries is really getting at something much more profound than the structure of individual corporations and firms - what has happened is that in the time we have been given to ponder a better way of life, we have realized that there are fundamental flaws in the way our society is structured such that the vast majority of people simply do not have the time they need for their families or to spend in personally meaningful ways; moreover, much of their time is being spent rather inefficiently, commuting back and forth and doing work that is less than meaningful and less than necessary. Our efforts should be focused on figuring out how to change that structure, and I suspect that change comes from focusing on our obligations to one another and not on our individual rights (in fact, I believe such a rights-based, individual-centered mindset is what led society to where it is in the first place).

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  • That is a tough question!! I guess I would consider it a priviledge as well.

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  • I think of it as a privilege, unless it was explicitly bargained for at the time of hiring or during a salary review. There are times when the company would be dumb to deny it, but I still think it's the company's right to do so in most cases - assuming no discrimination, etc.

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