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What do you make for dinner when it's too hot to cook?”

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  • Sandwiches, mac & cheese on the stove top, or we order out or *gasp* run through a drive thru. I know, i know its bad. But sometimes its all we feel like doing for dinner. Sometimes we will grill outside too. We try to grill most of our food and keep house-cooked food to a minimum.

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  • I make sandwiches with; Turkey, cheese, mayo, mustard, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, pepper, a little salt, italian seasoning and whatever the kids like on theirs. We have some fruit and a few chips on the side. Maybe a little tea or juice. This makes for a great meals and we do this a lot, even when it not hot, because we like sandwich day. We do other things, but this is our favorite. Our new meals is Pasta salad. You should try these sometimes. I know with little kids the make your sandwich how you like is fun, just put things out and let them put whatever they want on it, it's fun. Good Luck.

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  • A big salad, starting with iceburg or romaine lettuce, diced tomatoes, canned beans (chickpeas or pink beans are my favorite), hard boiled eggs, canned tuna, shredded cheese, and lots of crumbled ritz crackers. I dress it with simple oil and vinger and a few seasonings. (You can throw other things in there too, but for me the key is the beans and the crackers - all those textures make the salad more of a meal).

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  • Fresh or frozen fruit or veggies (the kids think frozen fruit/veggies right out of the bag are a treat). Picnic food such as sandwiches (pbj, cheese, or veggie on whole grain bread), or cereal bars. Egg and toast or toast & cheese. Hard-boiled eggs kept in the fridge for the week. Canned organics that can be heated on the stove within a couple of minutes. Microwaved rice (Basmati) mixed with leftover spaghetti/meatballs, Indian curry, or Chinese take-out.

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