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Is anyone else a "burnt out on corporate america "mom looking for a home based career? Help!”

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  • The easiest way to start a home based business is to think of a way that you can take what you are doing now and become a consultant doing that. That is how I got out of a corporate job 14 years ago and raised my 3 children (I am still raising them, but moved on to something new). I worked as a consultant part-time in a field where everyone else worked in an office full-time. It took some creative thinking and sacrifices, but it worked great for me and my family.

    I now teach other moms how to start a home based business, so that they can live a dream that I was able to live while raising my children.

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  • Well I’m not exactly in the same situation as you because I never made it to corporate America. I graduated about a year ago with my BA and have been unable to find a job in my field. So long story short, I’m back in school and I’m trying my hand at the “work from home” game. I did a lot of research and wanted to find something that didn’t require me to sell, stock, distribute, host parties, or make a large financial commitment. And I found something GREAT: Work at Home United. This company is an independent marketing agency, so you’re not selling or distributing your marketing from the comfort of your home using the internet. And the company that you are marketing for is FANTASTIC!!! They make all natural products for the home like 100% eco-friendly household cleaners and a line of green beauty products. If this sounds like something you would like check out one of my websites for more information.

    Thanks for you time and I hope you find something great!


    Make a positive change in your life and contact me today at: or

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  • I was...until I lost my job and decided to start living for my family and myself. Check out my website, and contact me if you are interested! We do not sell crap (as another poster put it, lol), host home parties, keep inventory of products or any of that. We build our own business from home and the best part is we help other moms and dads in your same situation break away from the monotomy of corp America and show them how they can also have personal and financial freedom! Looking forward to talking with you soon!

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  • please visit my website, I am sure you will be thrilled with what we can offer.

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  • I can send you more information if you are interested.Good luck with your search. Network marketing does work if you truly believe in the products you sell. I love fashion, make up and my kids. So I sell Mary Kay and Discovery Toys and I am pretty good at it.

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  • I got happily involved with discovery toys. Not so much for the parties or money, but just what they toys can do for my kids. Target, Toys R Us and Walmart has never given me a check for spending $1000's of dollars shopping with them. Nor do they replace my toys when and if they break, nor do they offer me replacement parts. Usually it goes straight into the trash. Just so happens I am the person people come to to do theire shopping for babyshowers, birthday parties and holiday shopping. I give them what corporate america doesn't. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Selling crap and parties are fun when you can see your product immediately affecting the lives of parents and children.

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  • Me, me, me!!! However, I am not interested in all of the opportunities I see most mom's getting into at home. Parties, selling crap, pyramid deals.....ugh, I wish I could do what I do now at home.

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