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Help me understand WAHM's?? When you say your company does not require you to sell, stock, distribute, host parties, etc. What does that really mean, you make your money recruiting other people to sign up to do what you are doing or am I missing something? True pyramid fashion? Please don't take this the wrong way, I am truly interested.”

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  • Hi! No offense taken. I am a teacher but wah on the side. I am a marketing exec for a "green" wellness company. I just refer people to the company. If someone I refer enrolls, I make commission off of their monthly purchases. They can enroll as a customer at which point they can refer someone and make commission also. They don't have to refer anyone if they don't want to. The products are awesome so some people just want to benefit from being a member and using great products, others refer a few people here and there and make some money each month, and others market more diligently and build a business. Hope that answers your question! Tricia

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